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Ever thought it would be great to catch up with friends you met years ago on that Top Deck "Kathmandu to London" trip? Maybe you were on an AutoTours bus camped next to a Contiki bus in Fusina Campsite (Venice) and want to catchup with them, to remember the wild "No Knickers Toga Party" you had, or others travellers you met on another tour you saw along the way. Are you a Backpacker wishing to contact that guy or girl you met in that youth hostel in Zug or that beerhall in Munich.

Whatever your goal, is a good place to start. Record your details so others may may contact you when they leave their details.

this site is open to crew/staff and passengers of any tour company

Having problems registering....?

some people for some reason have had problems registering. They are in the database but apparently are not getting emails to confirm their registration. If this is happening to you please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The concept is to list your tour company or method of travel, month and year of trip when registering (as many trips as you wish) then add more later if you travel more. Then using the Search Members in the Main Menu to the left and search a particular tour company, year and month

Each member has their own personal area where you can update your trip details (multiple trips can be added by holding down the CTRL key whilst selecting). There is also a picture gallery where you can upload your own pictures, these then randomly appear in the scrolling site gallery above - clicking your mouse in the site gallery will then take you to the member's area who posted the photo. You can also enter your own personal Trip Stories.

If you have stumbled across it, WELCOME,  you can add your details by registering (top right).
Please check back regularly as more funtionality will be added.

Any This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it greatly welcomed

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